Trump’s ‘big fat lie’ about global warming is a lie: Polls

President Donald Trump’s “big fat liar” claim that global warming “is a hoax” has been “completely debunked,” according to a new poll.

The Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday found that just 22 percent of respondents believe that the earth is warming, compared to 57 percent who said they don’t believe the claim.

And more than half of respondents said they have a negative opinion of the Trump administration’s response to climate change, including 51 percent who have a favorable opinion.

The poll also found that Trump’s claims about global cooling have been refuted, with 52 percent of people saying global warming has been greatly exaggerated, compared with 39 percent who say it has not been exaggerated.

“President Trump is now out of step with the rest of America,” said pollster Patrick Murray.

“He has a massive lead over his competitors in this poll.

He is clearly losing the argument with the public.”

The president has repeatedly accused China of cheating on its emissions targets to gain more favorable treatment from the U.S. economy.

The White House has also threatened to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement unless China agrees to do more to curb its emissions.

Trump’s claim that the world is warming up has been disputed by scientists for years.

Polls have repeatedly shown that people in the U