What do you need to know about the new skin care product from Care?

Care’s new skin product, the Care T-shirt, was released earlier this week and is available for pre-order.

The T-Shirt is a shirt with a stylised face on it, similar to a sunburn.

The product is made from organic cotton, which is also the fabric of the Care shirt.

It comes in black and white, and is priced at $16.99 on Care’s website.

The company says the shirt is the “first skin care shirt to contain natural, vegan ingredients”, which makes it a “natural” product.

The shirts are being sold at major retailers including Target, Kohl’s and CVS.

“As you may have noticed from our recent Instagram post, the shirts have been trending globally, so we wanted to take the opportunity to take you a step further into the world of skin care and offer you our latest offering,” the company wrote on Instagram.

The shirt has also been featured in Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire.

“It is not only the first skin care shirts made with natural ingredients but the first shirt that contains organic cotton and has vegan ingredients,” the product description says.

“The fabric of our shirts is organic cotton cotton, not cotton waste, and all of our ingredients are sourced from local farms and organic suppliers.” 

It’s not clear whether the product will be available on-line or in stores, or if it will be limited to only US customers. 

“Our goal is to bring our customers together for one day of a simple yet fun day of fun with our friends and family,” the Care website reads.

“We hope you will join us in sharing our passion for creating a fun and exciting way to treat skin, and our commitment to sustainability.”

The Care Tshirt is available online at www.care.com and at retailers, such as Target, Best Buy and Cabela’s. 

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