The first new skin care line in nearly two years: The Korean beauty industry

The Korean skin care industry has been in a frenzy for the past few years.

And now the industry is poised to have its first big wave of new products in a few months.

In 2018, Korean cosmetics giant K-beauty brand Beauty House will launch a new line of skincare products, as well as launch new skin and hair care products. 

Beauty House launched its first skincares line, Beauty Lab, in late 2018, and the company is now taking preorders for the product in Korean.

The new line will be called “Tinted,” and will be available at the company’s Korea headquarters and online.

The line will contain 15 products, including a cream and an oil.

It will also include a mask and three cleansers, but no facial products.

“It is a new product line for our Beauty House.

Our vision is to be the first Korean cosmetics brand to introduce new skincared products to the world,” Beauty House’s President Choi Jin Young said in a statement.

K-beauties first line of products: The Beauty Lab line of skin and haircare products is a major announcement.

Beauty Lab is one of the biggest Korean beauty companies, but the company has been struggling for some time.

Its first skinceuticals line was a flop.

For some reason, it was marketed as an all-natural line that included ingredients like rosewater and lavender oil, but those ingredients were also found in K-Beauty’s other products.

K-Cosmetics was criticized for being too lax with its ingredients, which led to complaints about it being oversold and having poor quality.

Beauty Lab’s products are currently available at Korean beauty stores and online, but K-Lab’s website will be launching a new skin cream line in early 2019.

All of this will be followed up with new product launches in 2019 and 2020.

The beauty company will be expanding into more cosmetic products, and it will also launch a line of facial products, which will be a new brand.

The facial products will be launched in early 2020.

What will you be buying?

While we know that Beauty House is a Korean beauty company, the Korean beauty market is incredibly diverse, and we know this because we’ve seen many Korean beauty brands launch new products that are not available anywhere else in the world.

To understand what products are available for sale in Korea, we’re going to be looking at several different industries, including cosmetics, skin care, hair care, and hair products.

If you’re a new consumer in the Korean skin, hair, and cosmetics industry, these are the brands you should be looking out for.

We’ve put together a list of some of the top Korean beauty products on the market, along with a list that we’ve compiled of what is available for preorder on