How to use a dermatologist in India

By: Shrikant Bhaduri, Senior Reporter, Times of IndianWith dermatologists in India, it’s common for them to visit the patients for a skin assessment.

The most common questions they will ask are about the status of their skin, and they will also ask about any skin concerns.

Some of the most common skin concerns are: a rash, redness or peeling, and skin discoloration.

It’s not just skin issues, but also hair and nails that dermatologists often visit.

Some dermatologists even visit the hair roots for a detailed skin exam.

The average time a dermatology doctor visits the patient in India is 30-40 minutes, but many dermatologists visit patients in a few hours.

In addition to this, dermatologists can often visit a patient for the evaluation of a rash or for any other skin problems.

For those who have skin problems that are not visible, they may consider taking some medication or even undergoing a skin exam to see if they need a more extensive treatment.

In such cases, it is advisable to talk to your dermatologist about the treatment options available.

However, this process can take several weeks and if you choose not to follow up, the dermatologist may be required to take the necessary medication to treat the skin condition.

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