Amazon price war rages on

Amazon prices its skin care products for a third consecutive year, as the online retailer tries to boost margins amid the price war over its rival Amazon Prime.

The price wars between Amazon and Amazon Prime have escalated in recent months amid growing consumer concerns over the quality of Amazon’s skin care.

Amazon is seeking to increase its margins by $300 million to $2.5 billion in 2017. 

Amazon has been a fierce competitor to Amazon Prime in recent years, selling the products at lower prices and offering a cheaper Prime membership.

In 2018, the company began selling skin care at half the price of

The company is also expanding its skincare offerings. 

On Friday, Amazon said that it was adding two new skin care brands to its Prime service, including the $35, $25 and $15 Skin Care Products line.

The new lines are the latest Amazon offerings that will compete with Prime. 

At a briefing, Amazon Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos said that Amazon will continue to build its business through its Prime offering. 

“We will continue our commitment to Prime, which is why we are bringing in new skin products and a new line of hair care products,” he said. 

According to Amazon, the new lines will begin shipping on June 12, but that may be longer because Amazon Prime memberships expire June 15. 

The company has also added a $10 hair care subscription for Prime members. 

Prime membership costs $99 a year, which covers 30 hours of Prime video content, two weeks of streaming movies and music and a monthly subscription to Kindle ebooks. 

While Amazon’s Prime service has grown in popularity, the Prime product offerings are still significantly lower than Amazon’s competitors. 

In 2018, Prime members purchased 6.6 million devices, while Amazon’s rivals sold 1.6 billion devices, according to research firm IDC. 

It’s important to note that Amazon’s product offerings, while lower than its competitors, are still far superior to its competitors.

The average Prime membership costs nearly $300, compared to a comparable Amazon membership at $120. 

More from Fortune: Amazon CEO’s new line-up of skin care: The basics The new Skin Care products range from $45 for a $40 skin care box to $65 for a line of $75 skin care bars. 

As we noted in July, the latest addition to Amazon’s Skin Care product line, the Skin Care Beauty Box, has a $75 value. 

For its part, Amazon has been steadily expanding its range of beauty products.

The Prime line-ups of skin creams and facial cleansers, for example, include the $75 Facial Serum, $70 Cleanse Kit and the $65 Eye Serum.