Beauty Products from Beauty Brands

Beauty Products, from Beauty and Beyond, are a trusted name in the beauty industry.

Beauty Brands has been a pioneer in the cosmetics industry and we are proud to have been selected by the Beauty and The Beast team to partner with them on this brand new product line.

As a premium beauty brand, Beauty Brands is committed to providing a wide array of products that deliver the best value, including beauty and wellness services, makeup and skincare products, fragrance and fragrances, skincares and personal care products.

We are thrilled to partner on this new line and look forward to welcoming Beauty Brands to the Beauty Boxes, Beauty Bags and Beauty Beds.

“Beauty Brands is one of the leading beauty brands in the world.

We believe that a quality, innovative product is essential to our company’s mission of delivering high-quality beauty and health products to the public.

As we continue to expand the Beauty Bases and the Beauty Homes, we will be proud to be able to continue to serve our customers in an affordable and innovative way,” said Lisa Sondra, President and Chief Executive Officer of Beauty Brands.

Beauty Products will debut at select Beauty Box locations in the United States starting in January 2019 and will be available for purchase in the Beauty Store at