India launches ‘Cosmo’ skin care product that uses the skin-wiping power of the sun

Skin care products are already making a comeback in India, as the country’s government is preparing to launch its first ‘Cosmos’ skin-care product, the Hindustan Times reported on Thursday.

The Cosmo system will be available for sale to the public on September 20, which is a two-day-old launch window for India’s skin care market.

“We are taking the Cosmo skin care system in India as a model to promote healthier lifestyles and protect skin,” a spokesperson from India’s ministry of health and family welfare told Hindustantimes.

The minister added that the Cosmos will offer an “integrated, non-toxic, long-lasting solution” to skin issues including acne, eczema, wrinkles, fine lines, blackheads, and psoriasis.

The government hopes to encourage people to try the Cosmoses products, which will be sold at Rs.4,000 to Rs.6,000 ($6,100 to $11,700).

The Cosmos, a three-stage treatment system, is aimed at treating various skin issues, including acne and skin discolorations, which cause “extreme and excessive skin irritation and damage,” according to Hindustamp.

It will be offered at Rs 1,200 to Rs 2,000.

Cosmo will also be sold in Indian pharmacies and will be made available for purchase at government stores.

In the past few years, Indian cosmetic companies have also taken steps to diversify their offerings.

Earlier this year, cosmetics company Naturals launched its first skin-whitening cream, which was sold at a whopping price of Rs.1,100 ($2.50) per ounce.

Earlier in 2018, beauty brand Shampoos, which sells in India under the brand name Cosmo, launched its “Skin Moisturizer,” which is also priced at Rs 2.50 ($1.40).