How to create your own ‘skin care’ product, a $1 million startup

A startup has raised a $500,000 investment from Sequoia Capital, a venture capital firm focused on tech and health care, in a deal that was first reported by Business Insider.

Sequoias CEO, Ron Conway, said the funding is a “significant milestone” for the company, which is focused on providing its customers with personalized skin care products that are designed to help them stay hydrated and happy.

Conway said the money will be used to help the company build a “next generation” skin care product.

Sequosas team is making the $1M in seed funding and $1.5M in equity.

The startup was founded by a team of five employees and launched in August of 2016.

Conway told Business Insider that the company was founded as a “platform for healthcare products that deliver results, with a focus on helping people get the most from their skin.”

He added that Sequoas goal is to create products that “are truly personalized, helping people find what works best for them, and that they are empowered to use as a life-saver.”

Sequoials founders, including co-founder and CEO Ron Conway.