When the sun doesn’t shine: A new skin care line that looks and smells like the real thing

It looks like a baby doll with long, curly, red, and pink hair, but it’s not.

It’s the product of the Australian-based company Skin Care Production (SCP), and its creator, the artist who created the product, says it’s “the real thing.”

Skin Care Production is a collaboration between artist, photographer, and chemist Andrew Stirling, whose work includes the now-famous, viral “baby doll” video.

Stirling and his wife, Kelly, were working on a photo book project when they decided to create a baby product.

It would be something that looked, smelled, and felt like a real thing, Stirling says.

“I wanted to try to find a way to make it look like it had been used and then to create the packaging, so that people could see it was actually made out of skin.”

Skin care products have become popular as a means to improve skin, and Stirling and Kelly Stirling decided to combine their passion for creating creative products and a DIY philosophy into a new, wearable product.

Stirl, who is from Sydney, Australia, said the company started as a hobby project in 2009.

“As time went on and the more time I spent creating products I was becoming more and more passionate about it,” he says.

The product has now garnered over 200,000 likes on Instagram, and the artist has been featured on The Good Place, The Bachelor, and on Gogglebox.

But Stirling has a new project on the horizon: a skin care product that looks like the Real Housewives of Sydney.

The product is called Skin Care, and it’s the result of months of research and planning.

The idea for Skin Care came about after a friend of Stirling’s posted a video of a friend playing a video game with his child, who was wearing a little pink mask.

“I just thought that maybe this was a really cool way to represent skin, like you’re actually playing a game with the skin and all the other things,” Stirling explains.

The couple created a prototype of the product to test it out, and they eventually decided to take the idea and make a wearable version.

“We just had to create something that would look like a mask and we could put it on a real person, which was the whole point,” Stirl says.

Stangle says he initially wanted the product made of fabric or some other soft material, and then later, after looking at other companies’ products, decided to try using natural ingredients, like silk.

He also wanted the mask to have a “sensation barrier” effect, which is a way of protecting the skin from the sun and the elements.

“That was the only way to keep the product from being a little too big,” he explains.

“It has a very thick barrier so the sun can’t get through.”

The product also has a unique design, which the artist says gives it a unique aesthetic.

“The mask is not just a plastic, it’s also very intricate, so it has a really unique feel,” he adds.

“People say the mask is a little bit too large, but that’s not the case at all.”

Stirling says the mask has been very popular and he plans to continue making the product and sharing his findings with the world.

“If people want to make a product out of it and try it, I think that’s a good thing,” he enthuses.

“When I’m doing my art, the best thing to do is to share my work.”