Beauty product maker Care Product’s skin care production in Mexico to be scaled up

Care Product, which is currently based in Mexico, is scaling up its production of skin care products and is now expanding production to Mexico.

The Mexican company has already been expanding production of its skin care line to Mexico since March and the expansion will increase the number of products available to the Mexican market.

Care Product will be able to produce up to 20,000 product kits per month, said the company’s president, Carlos Gomez.

It plans to produce 20 million products annually.

The company is currently expanding production at its manufacturing facility in Mexico.

It also has a plant in Spain that is producing its own product lines.

Care product has a network of factories in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Brazil.

The expansion to Mexico will be part of the company expanding its footprint.

Care products are widely considered to be the most cost-effective and effective way to treat skin.

Care has over 3,000 stores in Mexico and plans to expand to over 2,000 by the end of this year.

The Care Product Mexico expansion will allow Care to grow its product line into more stores and increase the quality of products.

The growing presence of the Care brand in the Mexican consumer market will further expand the company.

Care is also looking to invest in expanding its distribution in China.

In 2017, Care said it invested $25 million in the Chinese market.